Veterinary Services for Family Pets

Dr. Bonnie Abbott and her veterinary team are here to provide everything your pet may need throughout their life. And we’ll always offer you the best care recommendations to keep your family pet healthy.

Here to Keep Your Pet Healthy
Here to Keep Your Pet Healthywith Comprehensive Care
Wellness Exam
Puppy and Kitten Care
Senior Pet Care
Advanced Dental Care
In-house Cardiac Specialty Exams
Management of Chronic Diseases (Kidney, Liver, Heart)
Cushing’s/Addison’s Disease
Diagnosis and Management of Diabetic Patients
Experienced in Chemotherapy/Cancer Treatment
Advanced Digital Imaging
Advanced Digital ImagingProviding Low-Stress Testing
Digital Radiology (X-rays)
Digital Dental X-ray
In-house Diagnostic Testing/Labwork
Genetic Disease and Breed Testing
Allergy Testing
Stool/Urine Testing
Ultrasound/Echocardiogram Performed by Specialists
Advanced Surgery Techniques
Advanced Surgery Techniqueswith Fewer Complications & Faster Healing
Tumor/Growth Removals
Spay and Neuter
Intestinal Foreign Body Removal
Bladder Stone Removal
GVD/Bloat Gastropexy
Orthopedic Surgery
Onsite Specialty Surgeries (TPLO, Fracture Repair)
Oral/Dental Surgery
CO2 Laser Surgery
Full-Service Care
Full-Service Carefor Family Pets & Owners
Emergency/Urgent Care
Pain/Arthritis Management
Deep Ear Cleanings
Nutritional Consultation
Behavioral Consultations/Referrals
Rodent/Pocket Pets
Specialist Referrals
Second Opinion Consultation
House Calls for End of Life Care
Grief Resources
On-Site Pharmacy & Online Pharmacy