We’re a Certified Fear Free Veterinary Hospital

Fear Free
Stress and fear can cause dogs and cats to hide pain that’s bothering them. Anxious pets can also be more aggressive or timid. This can make visits to the vet unpleasant—for pets and their human companions. That’s why veterinarian Bonnie Abbott, DVM is specially certified in providing Fear Free care. Dr. Abbott has studied the effects of smells, music, colors, body language, and exam room design on dogs and cats. Dr. Abbott offers a vet visit experience that pets actually enjoy.

Every Detail Designed to Calm Your Pet

From the moment your family pet walks through our hospital doors, they’re observing and reacting to what they see, hear, and smell. That’s why we specially designed our hospital to eliminate as much stress from the experience as possible.

  • Cats and dogs have separate waiting areas, exam rooms, and treatment centers to avoid stressful encounters.
  • We’ve carefully selected colors that have been shown to reduce stress in animals.
  • The music playing in our hospital has also been shown to calm dogs and cats.
  • Our exam rooms and uniforms have a relaxing scent that only pets can detect.
  • We’re trained in low-stress handling techniques so your pet will remain calm and comfortable during medical procedures.

What to Expect During a Fear Free Visit

You’ll notice we let pets initiate interaction with us. We take the time needed to get to know your dog or cat so we can provide care that caters to their preferences. Once we have their trust, we offer treats to make the exam feel more like a game. Your pet will learn to associate good things with our hospital and veterinary team. Rather than being afraid, they learn to relax.

Why a Fear Free Visit is Important

It’s harder to examine and diagnose pets that are agitated and stressed. Stress causes increased heart rate, changes in body temperature and blood pressure—and can even affect blood results. At Vista Animal Hospital, our Fear Free approach ensures patients receive more accurate medical care. Pets will enjoy getting the care that they need. Click here to learn more about helping to provide your pet with a Fear Free vet visit.

Have Questions?

We’re here to help. Dr. Bonnie Abbott and her team look forward to working with you to create a more enjoyable visit for your dog or cat. Call us if you have concerns or need tips to help prepare for your pet’s visit. We’ll do everything we can to make your pet’s vet visit relaxing and fun. Connect with us at 720-466-1414.