Help Address the Problem of Coyote Attacks on Pets in Erie & Lafayette

Protect Your Dogs & Cats

DOGS: Keep your dog on 4 ft-6 ft leash. Always supervise your pets when going outside from dusk to dawn when coyotes are most active. You must accompany them outside; don’t just stand at the back door. Keep your yard well-lit if your pet needs to relieve themselves at night. Use a Kevlar Coyote Vest to protect your dog in the event of an attack when outside.

CATS: The best way to protect your cats is to keep them as indoor only cats. Coyotes have an easy time hunting cats. If you do have an outdoor cat, give her a chance with an escape post that is easy to climb for a cat. It should be taller than 6 ft high with a perch on top.

Haze Coyotes to Keep Them Away (in a humane and non-violent way)

Harassing coyotes each time they are not where they should be helps to keep them afraid of humans so they will leave us and our pets alone. This only works if they are hazed each and every time they are in our playgrounds, backyards, or if they do not act afraid of people.

CLICK to read the Humane Society’s complete guide to coyote hazing.

  • Scare Them: Yell and wave your arms, use your coat as a cape to look larger and carry a walking stick.
  • Use Noisemakers: Your voice, air horns, “shaker” cans full of pennies or marbles, or just bang some pots and pans.
  • Small Projectiles: Throw sticks, small rocks or balls towards the coyote to scare him off.
  • Spray Them: Use a garden hose with power sprayer, water guns with vinegar water, mace or bear spray.

Support for People Who Lost a Pet

WHAT: Pet Loss Education and Support Group Meeting

WHEN: October 18, 2017

WHERE: Vista Ridge Community Center

All residents in Erie who have lost a pet to coyote attacks are welcome.